Day 2: A 'longer' and 'less silly' show than yesterday

Not able to get tickets for the dinosaurs but unwilling to entirely give up the reviewing idea quite yet, today Arlo and I went to see a show called Mildred and the Midnight City.

Given that he had a wee nap on my knee part way through and  a terribly serious face on from start to finish I thought I'd made a bit of an error, especially as both the plot (a sort of reverse global warming, faintly anti-capitalist story of a little girl who works in a heat-making factory and befriends a polar bear) and dialogue (of which there seemed to be quite a lot) were pitched way above his head.

But I fear he thinks he's got to like everything we see together or something. When he caught me looking at him rather than the stage, his solemn face turned to the far-from-convincing smile he has already learned to do for cameras. That made me a very strange sort of sad. Or maybe he really did think it was 'brilliant' as he suggested when I asked his opinion afterwards (though when I followed up asking what he thought the story was about he said he didn't know but was clear it featured a bear).

We talked about whether he thought his friends should see the show and he said he thought perhaps they should go to yesterday's one (Celeste's Circus) instead: 'That was the sillier one. Today's was longer.'