Day 3: 'Fullgreat dinosaurs'

'Lots of people want to see the dinosaurs!' whispered Arlo sounding a little in awe as we entered the biggest and fullest theatre so far to see Dinosaur Zoo Live this morning . We chose seats purposefully near the end on an aisle in case it all got a bit scary but both remained seated, transfixed throughout. Arlo's unprompted verdict afterwards, 'That was "fullgreat"!' 'That means, full of great. Really, really, REALLY great' he went on to explain.

And I think he really, really, REALLY meant it if his enthusiastic audience participation is anything to go by.  I fear clapping and cheering might seem a little boring from here on after being invited to do so many loud and scary dinosaur 'ROAR's.

I think (hope) it might be largely due to my own lack of sleep (thanks to little sister Morven) but I also found something unexpectedly moving in watching a little girl who had been invited on stage give a potentially terrifying, life-sized Australovenator (new to me too) a very warm hug. Now, if I can just remember a quarter of all the names and facts we were given on Southern hemisphere dinosaurs I might be able to impress (or at least hold my own with) some of our other three year old friends.

Fullgreat indeed.