Arlo's Festival Day 1: Celeste's Circus (or 'The Seal and the Tent')

So, I had this notion that, hitting the festival together for the first time since Arlo properly mastered complete sentences, he and I might try our hand at being theatre critics.  I am not sure it is going to work out all that well. Today we saw our first show, Celeste's Circus at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

From Arlo: 'It was about tents. I saw a seal. The seal waved.' He also joined in clapping (though remarked that other people's clapping was a bit too loud) and waited at the end to blow a kiss to the aforementioned seal.

I thought it was all rather charming and smiled and laughed perhaps rather more than Arlo did. That said, I think it definitely counted as a thumbs up from us both.

We are off to see something involving dinosaurs tomorrow so I'm curious to see if the notion of reviewing is easier (for a 3 year old) by way of comparison.