Day 9: Innocence

'What is today's show?' Arlo asked as we tore along the Meadows yesterday morning, Mo still in her pyjamas. 'Well, if we manage to get there in time to get tickets, it is dance' I explained.

'Dance? A show about dancing is really boring' grumbled Arlo.

'Do you think so?' I replied, trying to contain a growing anxiety that a contemporary dance piece exploring the imagery of William Blake (for 0-4 year olds!) - Scottish Dance Theatre's Innocence - was my riskiest choice yet. But on we raced.

And I am so glad we made it (just about) in time. If only 'playroom performances' like this one were something that existed more widely outside of the fringe. Combining live music, poetry, dance and considerable imagination, I don't think there can be that many other opportunities for even the very wee-est audience members to crawl right up to (and over) performers (or get scooped up and flown round as part of a flock of parrots). Both Morven and Arlo were entranced, Mo apparently mesmerised by the light and movement and Arlo just really impressed. 'I think the dancing is beautiful', I whispered and he whispered back, 'I think they are REALLY strong'.

I could instructively have done some pre-show homework though as Arlo had a lot of questions and it turns out I have a pretty impoverished knowledge of William Blake ('When did he write it though?' 'What else did he paint?' 'But what does the tiger MEAN?').

When mum asked later what the show was about I struggled with that too. Happily, Arlo was very clear: 'It was about being and making things.' There is no way I could have put it better myself.